LawMain Rights protected by Brazilian Laws:

  • MARK – are susceptible to registration as mark the distinctive signs visually perceptible, not included in the legal prohibitions.


  • ADVERTISEMENT SIGN OR EXPRESSION – are oriented to recommend the activities, enhance products’ qualities and attract consumers’ attention


  • COMMERCIAL OR CORPORATE NAME – is the full name by which the Legal Entity presents itself for the exercise of its activities.


  • INVENTION PATENT – the invention complying with the novelty requirements, inventive activity and industrial application may be patented.


  • UTILITY MODEL – the object of practical use, or part of it, susceptible of industrial application, presenting a new form or disposition, involving an inventive act, resulting in functional improvement or in its use or in its manufacturing may be patented as a utility model.


  • INDUSTRIAL DESIGN – the ornamental plastic form of an object or an ornamental set of lines and colors that may be applied to a product, providing a new and original visual outcome at its extern configuration and that may work as industrial manufacturing type.


  • INDUSTRIAL SECRET – means all information of industrial or commercial application, obtained by a natural person or a legal entity confidentially. The breach of such confidentiality, with direct or indirect economical advantage purposes is a crime.


  • CULTIVATION – variety of plants


  • COPYRIGHT – the existence of a creation act is the basic requirement for the copyright.


  • DOMAIN NAME – is the name used to connect to the Internet.


  • BIOSAFETY – establishes rules for the use of genetic engineering techniques and release in the environment of genetically modified organisms.