In our Law Office, your business is our business!

Lemma & Santos it is an Intellectual Property Law firm in Brazil that was created two decades ago by the partners when they decided that it was time for them to apply their knowledge of many years working as managers and counsels for intellectual property companies on their own business. They then contacted a group of colleagues that they used to work with and Lemma & Santos was born from that partnership. They had everything they needed: Knowledge, partners to work with, international contacts, but clients.

After a month of hard work making the name of the company to be heard they got their first client and from that point forward, the company has grown so much that they have clients around the world, to include, United States, Mexico, China, Japan among other countries.

The success of the company is due to the fact that they have attorneys, engineers, designers, translators and consultants working together. Besides, they count on staffs trained in Industrial Property matters. Additionally, they have a team of collaborators in Rio de Janeiro working directly with the Brazilian Patent & Trademark Office (INPI) to more efficiency of the services rendered. The services entrusted to them can be performed at the office and, when required, at the clients premises, by skilled technical consultants.